Reinforced Thorpe's Helmet Of The Knight

Reinforced Thorpe's Helmet Of The Knight is a Tier 5 Legendary rarity head in New World MMORPG. It has 500 - 600 Gear Score. Gives bonus attributes on equip: 15 Constitution, 10 Strength. It will occupy 6.055 kg of capacity in your inventory.

The item has 4 useful perks: Physical Ward IV, Corrupted Ward, Corruption Resistance, Refreshing.

Pay attention: the item becomes personal when you receive it. So you can't sell it or give it to another player.

Reinforced Thorpe's Helmet Of The Knight
Gear Score
Physical Ward IV: 2.5% Physical Damage Absorption.
Corrupted Ward: +NaN% Damage Absorption against Corrupted.
Corruption Resistance: +NaN Corruption Resistance.
Refreshing: Reduces max cooldowns by NaN%.
Once deeply infused with corruption, it now seems to offer protection against that same dark power.
Binds On Pickup
Tier: 5
6.055 Weight