New World MMO Map

Map in the New World MMORPG is a very important section in your in-game menu. You can open it by pressing an “M” keyboard key. It provides a player with useful information:

  • It shows all nearby points of interest. You will see all the nearby villages and cities you may want to visit. You will also see places that may be interesting for exploration: different caves and other similar places.
  • It shows the current political situation and upcoming wars. As you know, each region of the island has its main settlement and a fort and can be controlled by one of the in-game factions. Factions may declare war and you can see all upcoming sieges there.
  • It shows where you can find your Campfire. Sometimes you may forget where you have placed your camp and the map will show its location so you can find it faster.
  • It shows all the Corrupted Breaches that may be closed. Closing the Britches is a very important part of the game because they affect the territory negatively. You can find the britches and try to get rid of them. By the way, you may get pretty nice rewards for this.
  • It shows the Harvesting areas. In the New World, harvesting nodes are located in special areas. For example, an iron ore node can be found only not far from the rocks. You can see the areas where you can find particular harvesting nodes. If you are a crafter, you will find this feature very useful, especially when hunting for a specific resource.

As for the map size, right now we don't have any information about this. It looks like it is very big, but we can't tell you how big it really is.