Where to get Oil in New World MMO?

by: admin on August 28, 2020 01:51 PM

This guide will help you to get Oil in the New World MMO. This resource is very important for the blacksmiths because it's rather difficult to find. When you travel you can find many Ore nodes but not Oil. That's why this resource is usually very expensive on the Auction. But purchasing it isn't always a good idea.

Tip: If you know how to farm Oil, you can make a lot of gold! The price of this resource is usually high.

Like any other crafting resource, Oil nodes spawn mostly at a certain type of the territory. You can find it on the Marsh only. Don't try to find it on the Highlands or in Forests. It's almost impossible and you will just waste your time.


The other thing you need to remember is that the node where you can harvest this resource is called "Seeping stone". Yes' it's a little bit misleading and you may even miss it if you don't know that this node gives you oil.

Pay attention: if you are trying to farm this resource after the game launch you may have problems finding the nodes. That's because too many low-level players are also looking for it.

Where do you find Marshlands?

Open your Map and check out the legend. The marshes are marked with a dark green color. You can find it near Weaver's Fen Hamlet. This location is surrounded by marshland and there are many Seeping stone nodes around it.

Oil Location

As you see, there is only one location on the whole map where you can find many nodes of this resource. That's why it's so difficult to find. When I was playing New World for the first time I couldn't get this resource just because I didn't know where to harvest it. But you are lucky, you have this guide.