Where to find Saltpeter in New World MMO?

by: admin on August 12, 2021 10:15 AM

Saltpeter is a very important resource in New World MMORPG. It's used for crafting Gunpowder, which is widely used by players with Muskets. Players usually need a lot of Gunpowder. This resource is the only thing that makes Musket more difficult to level up compared to a Bow.

This resource was very easy to find during the Preview Event. It was dropping from different crates and chests. But the developers changed the mechanics of obtaining it in Beta. Now Saltpeter can only be harvested from special nodes. That's why it is much difficult to find it right now.

Pay attention that you need to have a Pick in order to harvest the node. The nodes look similar to Ore Nodes. You need to come close and start mining.

Saltpeter node

Tip: The price of Saltpeter can be rather high at the auction due to the lack of this resource. It's difficult to find but the demand for it is always high. That's why grinding this resource can bring good money especially at the beginning.


You can find Saltpeter nodes mostly in caves! There is no reason to look for the nodes in forests. But not all the caves in New World have the gathering spots inside. A single spot usually gives 12 - 18 units of the resource.

You can find many harvesting nodes in the caves near the starting low-level locations. You can harvest 400 – 500 units per hour in these caves if there are no other players there.

Torrentdawn Cave is a nice farming spot if you landed in Fury Bay. You can find this cave not far from Windsward.