New World Territory Standing: Points and Rewards

by: admin on June 26, 2020 03:04 PM

As you know, all the map in New World MMO is divided into multiple areas. Every area has its main settlement. When you complete quests and kill enemies in a certain region you increase your Standing in that region and earn Territory Standing Points which then can be spent for getting cool bonuses.

You receive standing for most of the activities like questing, killing monsters, crafting, completing town projects and so on. The more such activities you do the faster your standing grows.

Each region has an independent standing meter for your character. For example, if you do many quests in Windsward you will be receiving standing for Windsward region. But if you leave the borders of Windsward and travel to another region, you will stop gaining “territory experience” for Windsward. As you see the system is pretty simple: you receive standing for the region where you are doing different actions right now.

Reason to Gain

Every time you reach a new territory rank for a particular territory you receive 1 Standing point which can be spent on purchasing different bonuses.

The bonuses may include:

  • Increased Standing gains
  • Lowering trading taxes
  • Increased gathering speed
  • House ownership (Yes guys, you need to unlock the house before you can buy it)
  • And more

These bonuses work for that particular zone only and stay always active but only while you are inside that zone. For example, if you reach a new standing rank for Windsward, you may select to lower trading taxes. This bonus will lower the taxes for you in Windsward forever. But this will not affect the taxes in other areas.

In other words, the more beneficial things you do for a certain zone, the more rewards, and bonuses you receive when you are located in that zone. It's like a reward for dedication. You may select a certain area to be your favorite and unlock all the bonuses there.

How to spend points?

If you have unspent points open the global a map. The game will offer you to spend the points. You will be offered to select one of four different bonuses for every Standing Point you have. This is how it looks in the game.

Territory Standing

Once you select the bonus, it will become active. Keep in mind that you can't redistribute the points, later on, so make wise choices.