New World In-Game Store [Cash Shop]: Is it Pay-to-Win?

by: admin on June 25, 2021 01:56 PM

New World Store is a place where players can purchase different items for a special currency called Marks of Fortune. We assume that these marks can be purchased for real money. So you can call it Cash Shop if you like. Right now, we don't have all the details about this feature. We only know several pieces of information. But we will update this page as soon as we can.

Accessing the shop is very easy. Open the home screen by pressing "ESC" on your keyboard and find a link in the top menu. Click that link and you will see the "Featured Deals" immediately.

New World Store

Right now there are 7 main categories of products:

  • Consumables
  • Emotes
  • Armor Skins
  • Weapon Skins
  • Housing Items
  • Company Crests
  • Bundles

As you see, all the categories except Consumables are cosmetic. Consumables also don't have any products that can affect game balance and give players a real advantage in combat.

The game allows previewing the item before you purchase it. This feature is extremely useful for purchasing emotes, skins, and furniture.

Marks of Fortune

Marks of Fortune are the only currency you can use to purchase items in the shop. Right now there is no information about how to get this currency. But we assume that you will be able to buy it for real money.

Your current balance is displayed in the top right corner of the window. Click the plus icon to buy more Marks.

Is New World Pay to Win?

What we know for sure is that the Storefront will not turn New World into a Pay-To-Win game. Not so long ago, the official Twitter account published this image explaining what's going on with the in-game cash shop.

New World Pay to Win

Developers say that they are not planning to sell any essential items. You will never have a feeling that you can't enjoy the game without these items. The whole in-game content will be available to all the players regardless of their activity in the Store.

Developers also mentioned that they have a plan to launch the store with cosmetic items only. They will be looking at players' feedback and will be making necessary adjustments based on what players think.

Later on, developers are planning to introduce more “Quality of Life Items” like fast travel. But this stuff will not be something you can't get in the game. All the items can be received through regular activities.

The Storefront will most likely benefit high-level players more than low-level players. It may save players' time letting them avoid grinding some stuff.

Battle Pass

Developers are also planning to introduce Battle Pass – a special program that provides different items on a periodic basis.