How to Repair items in the New World MMO?

by: admin on August 23, 2020 09:51 AM

This guide will explain how to Repair items in the New World MMO. All the important equipment of your character like armor and weapon doesn't last forever. Every item has its durability scale. When you fight with monsters your equipment gets damaged and sooner or later you will need to fix it. If you don't fix your gear, it will eventually break and you will not be able to benefit from it.

Repair Items

Don't worry, if your gear lost all its durability and is broken you can return it to life without difficulties.

Repairing items requires players to have a special resource called “Repair Parts”. This resource is unique because you can't purchase it from another player. There is only one way to get repair parts: to salvage armor and weapon you don't really need. That's why we advise you to salvage MOST of the gear you find while traveling. You will have to fix your items pretty often and you will need a lot of repair parts for this.

This is how you can make the item 100% durable again:

  1. Open your inventory and find the Item you wish to fix. Hover the mouse on it. You will see an item menu.
  2. Check if you have enough Money and Repair parts. If you have enough, you will see a combination of hotkeys that allows starting fixing. If you don't have enough parts, go and salvage some gear.
  3. Press “R” + Left Mouse Button to start the recovery process.
  4. Now your item is 100% durable again.

Note: You can't recover a part of the item's durability. If you start fixing, the durability will be recovered fully up to 100%.