How to get a Pick in the New World?

by: admin on February 25, 2020 10:48 AM

Getting a Pick in the New World MMORPG is an essential step because you can't start harvesting ore and stone nodes without it. When you appear in the game your inventory is almost empty and you can harvest only Bushes and Flint. Other nodes remain locked until you get proper tools. A Pick allows you to start harvesting Boulder to get some Stone which is required in many Crafting recipes.

Step 1. First of all place a Camp somewhere. Just press the “Y” key to see the plan, select a proper location for it, and confirm the action. Now you have your personal spot which allows you to recover HP faster, respawn, and also gives you access to crafting Wilderness Survival items. This is exactly what you need.

Step 2. Use your camp and you will see a crafting menu. Find a Pick under the Gathering Tools title and hover it. You will see what resources you need for crafting. As you see you need to gather

  • 1 piece of Flint
  • and 1 piece of Wood.

These resources are basic and don't require any extra equipment for gathering.

Crafting a Pick in the New World

Step 3. Collect the required materials. They are usually easy to find. Just move around and pay attention to what you see on a screen. We recommend collecting at least 5 bush and 5 Flint so you can also create other basic tools.

Step 4. Once you have all the resources, come back to the Camp and craft the Pick.

That's all, now you have a tool for harvesting ore veins. This pick is a basic one and doesn't work too fast. You will be able to create a better tool later on in the game.