Crafting in New World MMORPG: Complete Professions Guide

by: admin on January 22, 2020 02:11 PM

Crafting in New World MMORPG allows players to create different items including weapons, ammo, armor, harvesting tools, food, and so on. It is very advanced and if you really want to dedicate your time to making different stuff you will have a lot of fun and will be able to earn money.

There are 7 different professions in the game:

  • Weaponsmithing - this profession allows making different types of weapons like swords, great axes, rapiers, and war hammers. Also allows making repair kits for equipment and honing stones for increasing weapons damage.
  • Armoring - allows producing different types of armor: light, medium leather armor, all types of bags to increase inventory capacity.
  • Jewelcrafting - allows making different types of jewelry.
  • Engineering – allows making Muskets and ammunition, Bows and arrows, siege weapons, and harvesting tools. Requires Engineering Station.
  • Outfitting – allows making light armor, rings, trinkets, and so on. Requires Outfitting Station.
  • Alchemy - allows making different tinctures, potions, coatings. It also allows making Magical Gauntlets. Requires Alchemist's Station.
  • Cooking – allows cooking different types of food.

Every profession has a dedicated Trade Skill that shows your rank in that profession. The higher your Trade Skill level is the more recipes you can use. If you want to become one of the best in a certain profession, mastering the skills is very important.

Harvesting Nodes, Resources, and Materials

You need to gather some resources before going to the nearest crafting station. If you don't have enough resources you will not be able to make anything. Gathering nodes are located all over the word. Some of them are easy to find, some are more difficult.

Note: Harvesting certain nodes require a player to have special tools. For example, you can't harvest Trees without a Hatchet. If you want to maximize your harvesting gains having proper tools is essential. You can always harvest Bushes without any tools but a Bush gives only one piece of Wood while a Tree gives 15 pieces or even more!

Harvesting a Tree

Tip: You should act fast when harvesting. Don't wait for too long if you see a node you need. Other players may come faster and collect the resources while you are waiting.

Very often you will need not only resources but also materials. Basic resources can be gathered from nodes and don't require any extra actions. They are required in the blueprints “as is”, for example Iron ore. Complex materials can't be harvested from nodes; they are made from one or more basic resources. For example, an Iron Ingot can be smelt from Iron ore; you can't harvest it from a node. Very often you will have to collect a lot of basic resources and transform them into Materials, especially for high-level blueprints.

How can you find out the number of resources required for a certain item? Well, you can check the list of recipes at a crafting station. But the easiest way is to set up a Camp. It allows to look at the available recipes and see what you need for them.

Salvaging Stuff. While the gathering is the major and the fastest way to get what you need, you can also receive some resources from Salvaging items. Of course, you will not receive a lot, but sometimes this may help to get several pieces of Iron or Wood immediately if you don't have enough. This may save time.

Don't forget that salvaging may not be the best thing you can do with items. It may be better to sell them to the vendor and get some Gold in return.


The second thing you need to make an item is a Blueprint. There are two types of Recipes in the New World:

  • Regular recipes - allow unlocking items forever. You can use such blueprints again and again to make the same item.
  • Artifact recipes - can be used only once and then they disappear. This type of blueprint is usually associated with a higher rarity gear.

Crafting Station

When you have enough resources you can try to make something. Each profession requires a special Crafting station. Usually, they can be found in Settlements. There is one thing to keep in mind: every station has its level. Low-level stations allow players to craft only low-level stuff. But if you are an advanced crafter you need to search for higher-level stations to be able to produce cool items.

This is where Town Projects become important. You can help your settlement to increase the level of a certain crafting station. Go to the Town Projects board and find the Project associated with the desired station. Complete the job and you will help your settlement.

Of course, you can just travel to another town and try to find a high-level station there. It's all up to you.