New World BETA: Complete Guide

by: admin on May 23, 2020 01:01 PM

This guide will explain how you can join New World MMORPG Beta which will start on the 23rd of July 2020 and will answer a lot of questions about the upcoming testing. Many game fans have problems with joining Alpha because the developers are giving away only a few Alpha keys in social networks. But fortunately, Beta will be much more open.

If you want to participate in New World Beta testing all you need is to pre-order the game on Amazon or Steam. All the people who make a pre-order will receive an invitation to the testing. This is a 100% guaranteed method.

Right now we don't have information about how the Beta keys will be distributed. Maybe all the participants will receive e-mails with keys. Or maybe the game will appear in their Steam library.

Beta Testing

Q: Is there a way to join testing without purchasing the game?

A: Yes, you can try to get a free entrance. Register on the official website and sign up there. Here is a link: But we don't have information about how developers will use those sign-ups. They may provide access to a few people only or they may send invitations randomly every week or so. Keep in mind that this method doesn't guarantee anything. Pre-ordering is the only guaranteed way to get the invitation.

Q: How many players will be selected?

A: As we said earlier, all the people who made a pre-order will be invited. Plus, there will be players who sign-up without a purchase. Anyway, the Beta stage will be much bigger than the Alpha.

Q: When will the testing begin?

A: It will start on the 23rd of July 2020.

Q: Will there be NDA?

A: No, the developers say that there will not be NDA and you will be able to record videos and share screenshots with your friends. All the streamers are welcome.

Q: What about Alpha's progress? Will it be wiped?

A: Yes, all the previous progress will be destroyed. You will have to begin from scratch. It's not a surprise because Beta will have a lot of improvements. Providing backward-compatibility would consume a lot of human resources and it's not really necessary.

Q: Will beta progress be carried over to the Release?

A: No, all the beta characters will be removed and your progress will be wiped before the game is released. All the players will be in an equal starting position at the start. The difference is of course knowledge and skills. All the testers will have much more knowledge about how the game works. This will make the start much easier.

Q: What to do if I find an error or a bug?

A: Amazon has special forums where all the testers can report the issues. You can also send feedback right from the in-game menu. But the developers will most likely change the bug reporting system.