Azoth in New World

by: admin on March 1, 2020 08:37 AM

Azoth is a mysterious energy in New World MMORPG, it has a form of a mineral that comes out of the earth in some places. It has the power to change life forms around it. It can resurrect creatures making them even more beautiful than they previously were. But there is also a dark side. It can also make some creatures more deadly and dangerous.

It is different for everyone who sees it or knows about it. For some it's the Fountain of Youth, for some it's the Philosopher's Stone, for some it's the living embodiment of God or even Devil. One thing for sure is that it gives the player a lot of powers.

Some people say that the energy is good, the others that it does bad things. But the truth is that it is not good or bad. It just can activate, maintain, and transform different forms of life. It gives immortality and power to those who can use it properly. But people select the direction of how they will be using it: making either good or bad things.

Azoth in New World

How this energy works and what determines how it affects this or that creature? Right now we don't know. We hope developers will reveal more information in the near future.

In the “Aeternum Awaits” trailer we saw a battle between two animals both affected by azoth: a deer and a bear. A deer was on a “good” side while the bear represented “evil”. The bear won that battle, but when he left azoth resurrected the deer. As you can see, the energy powers both sides: life and death. These sides are in constant battle between each other.