New World Density Test details have been posted

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Thanks! I have prepared a short recap of the New World Density Test announcement. Only the most important information:

Who participates: all the Alpha testers, Pre-Orders [who made a pre-order before the 26th of July], selected BETA Sign ups [signed up before 9th of July].

Schedule: You can play anytime you want during the test! But there will be mini-events to try to stress test servers:
  • 30th of July 2PM – 12AM PDT
  • 31st of July 6PM – 9PM PDT
  • 1st of August – 1PM – 4PM PDT

NDA: Yes, the test is under NDA.
Servers: North America/IAD/us-east1
Wipe: the servers will be wiped after the test! The progress will not carry over to the Preview event in late August.
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