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Hi, guys! I am a fan of the New World game. I have already made a pre-order, but I didn’t have a chance to participate in alpha. Could you please answer my question?

In most MMO games I like to play as a Rogue if such a role is available. It looks like there will no be stealth in the New World, but what about Daggers? Are there daggers in the game and if not will developers add them in the future?
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Hello! As for the stealth, you are right. Developers didn’t mention stealth in their videos, so the chance to see it on the release is very low. The same about daggers. Right now, no information is available.

I also like to play sneaky and stealthy characters and attack enemies with daggers. Daggers are my favorite weapon :) I also want to see them in the game.
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I honestly can't imagine New World having a Stealth system the way it is right now, but who knows what they have planned.

I just want to be surprised (double wielding shields pls).
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From what I've seen from several different sources, stealth is not a thing in New World at the current Alpha testing, and I believe there are daggers in the game, but I could be wrong.

Oh, I want shield and pistol combo. :o