🎩Aeternum inquisition🎩 Region: NA | Server: Pleroma (NA West) RECRUITING

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   Hey there! My name is Gandy/Blood and I am one of the owners of  Aeternum inquisition. Let me tell you a bit about who we are! (18+)

Who we are
 We are going to be a competitive/hardcore pvp company who focuses on owning/taking node systems! We wanna be the winners of the game is our goal!
We still will be doing ever type of content in the game regardless (crafting, pve, etc).

Who we want
First we want players who are gonna be active the first few weeks of launch. We are looking for hardcore players mostly who are super excited to work as a team and accomplish goals with us in game. (We do understand that people have work, school, etc. You do not need to be on every moment of your life) We also are pretty care free and joke around a lot. Sometimes we might be serious but we are pretty chill people when it comes down to it.

What playing with us will be like
We are all pretty rowdy people and we like to have a good time. We do not control your speech in any form and we will never try to control people in this way. Say whatever you want but same concept most people would say anyway which is if you go out of your way to be obnoxious in general or to a person we wont tolerate that. Just be mindful! Everyone is welcome!

Please feel free to join our discord if you have any questions! We have extensive knowledge about the game as most of us have played in the alpha!

Look forward to seeing you!