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Region: EU  |  Language: English  | Faction: Marauders|  Focus: PvPvE | Server: TBD  | 130+ Players - Working on our SECOND company for launch!

We are especially calling out for PvP'ers 📣
While we also support PvE (so you are also welcome if you don't PvP) and have a crafting system for those who want to join us, we still need to grow our army ready for battle and to take over town(s) + defend ⚔️

There is no age restriction but many of the members here will often talk and write using adult themes so we welcome mature individuals.
We have a whole team of dedicated experienced officers that help our community 🙂

During the Beta we had a full company of 100 members and aim to get at least one more company going within the first week of launch. At the moment we have 130+ people ready for New World on the Discord server and we keep growing. Bear in mind we want two companies, so there is plenty for room for more.

All though we are highly competitive and been successful in another MMO, we also like to get to know our members and sometimes have a chat with a drink while we play 🍻
We do not have an elitist mindset, but we want us all to work together as a team to make this the best company there is number wise, but also socially.


• Read code of conduct on Discord (nothing too heavy, mostly common sense)
• Active players (login every 14 days)
• English as primary language
• Marauder faction


• Get two companies running by the first week of launch
• Focus as a community to help be one of the first companies to take a territory on the server
• Groups to be made at launch for faster xp (optional to join)
• Become a solid unit when it comes to PvP. We already have a war chief and are also looking for more individual squad leads (DM me if interested).

What we offer:

• Helpful and friendly community 🥳
• We are relaxed as well as competitive (understand rl comes first) 💪
• We will focus on PvP, but also do PvE
• Some days you may find some of us in "The Inn General chat" having a drink, while chatting and playing (come join us with a beer or 8!) 🍻
• We will look into a variety of regular events once launched (experienced events officers aboard our team) 🎉
• If you like the social aspect we also have off game channels, such as pets, hobbies, food and memes
• Level 3 Boosted Discord server

Check out our website🌐 https://dominion-so.com/ & Twitter 🐦 https://twitter.com/DominionSo

🚨 Join us today! https://discord.gg/k76tyADGFU🚨
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I had some issues with the formatting, but this is the Discord link in case of any confusion: https://discord.gg/k76tyADGFU
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Post updated, 2nd company in the making for launch