Throwing Axe

Throwing Axe is one of the weapon skill lines in New World MMORPG. This tree has all the abilities you need if you want to master a one-handed axe. Unlike Sword mastery, which is focused on melee damage only, hatchet mastery allows players to combine both melee and ranged skills. This skill tree has two main branches:

  • Melee combat – unlocks new skills for a face to face encounters.
  • Throwing –unlocks new powers for using the axe as a ranged weapon. Right now there is no information about how effective this weapon is in range combat. From developers' videos we can assume that it doesn’t have too big attack distance.

Such a combination of melee and ranged attack potential makes this weapon quite interesting! You can kite enemy effectively using doges and fight face to face when he is near you.

Hatchet Mastery

It’s interesting, that throwing an axe doesn’t require players to have any extra “projectiles” in the inventory. You just throw it and it appears in your hands right after this. Some players may like it a lot. Other types of ranged weapons do consume projectiles or mana.

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