Sword Mastery

Sword Mastery is one of the weapon skill lines in New World MMORPG. This line has all the abilities you need if you want to fight using a one-handed sword and a shield. You can advance in this line and receive new skill points if you use a sword and shield combination only.

This skill line has two main focuses:

  • Defensive [shield skills] – the abilities are focused on giving you more protection and defense. This path is for tanks.
  • Offensive [sword skills] – the abilities are focused on a more aggressive playstyle. This path will give you more attacking skills, but less defense.

Pay attention: this tree is for sword + shield lovers. Right now there is no Dual wielding swords line in New World. Of course, you can run with a single sword only, but there is no real reason for doing this.

If you run with a single sword only you lose extra defense. The reason behind this is that right now the secondary slot is for shields only! You can’t equip an extra sword in it. That’s why if you are running with the only sword without a shield, you lose the advantage of extra defense.

Sword Skills:

Whirling Blade A spinning attack that hits all nearby targets in a 360-degree area around the player.
Precision Increase all weapons backstab damage by 10%
Keen Blade Increase sword damage by 5%
Reverse Stab A slashing attack that transitions into a powerful reverse stab.
Quick Whirl Reduces the cooldown of Whirling Blade ability by 20%
Counter Attack After a block, the damage of the next attack will be increased by 10%. The next attack successful or missed will clear the bonus.
Unstoppable Stab Adds grit to the reverse stab attack to reduce change for attack interruption.
Ultra Keen Increase all weapons damage by 5%
Leaping Strike Thrusting leap that quickly advances to target dealing a high amount of damage.
Fine Precision Increase sword backstab damage by 20%
Sharpened Edge Increase damage done by Whirling Blade attack by 10%
Reaching Strike Increase the distance of the Leaping Strike attack by 2 meters.
Ultimate Stab Increase the damage of Reverse Stab by 25%
Whirling Death Increase the damage of Whirling Blade by 20% to targets under 20% of health.
Killer Advantage All active cooldowns will be reduced by 35% on a killing blow
Charged Strike A successful Leaping Strike attack will reduce all active cooldowns by 35% and increase the damage of the next attack by 50%. This attack bonus will last for 20 seconds or until the next successful attack.

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