Bow Mastery

Bow Mastery is one of the weapons skill lines in New World MMORPG. This tree has all the abilities you need if you want to be an archer. You can advance in this line and get new skill points if you use a bow to fight against your enemies.

Right now we don’t have enough information about what abilities are available to archers. We will update this page later on.

Bow mastery

Don’t forget that using a bow as a main weapon in the game may be more difficult than using some other ranged weapons, for example, a staff. That’s because the bow requires you to always have enough arrows in your inventory while a staff requires nothing for shooting [but consumes mana].

If you still want to be a ranged damage dealer but don’t want to deal with arrows crafting, we advise you to look at different types of staves. The difference between a bow and a staff is that the former deals “physical” damage while the latter deals “magical” damage.

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