Varieties of Heat

Varieties of Heat is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Find the stockpile of Salamander Snail Essence in Desolate Cliffs, and seek out bundles of Mirespice Blend held by the Mireblaze Gatherers

Quest Giver:

Thanks again for checking out the cavern. Your reputation is well earned. Not too many people would be willing to march in there with those Guardians milling about. I know you just returned, but... there's actually one more thing that I'd like to ask your help with.

To the north is an odd creature known as a Salamander Snail. It produces a thick, syrupy essence that I've found useful as an additive while smithing. The villagers at Desolate Cliffs were having some luck farming Salamander Snails, and we had a good exchange going before... all of this. Unfortunately, I'm out of the last of my stock.

I don't know if any of the snails have survived, but... If you're going that way, could you try to find whatever stockpile may be left of Salamander Snail Essence? I doubt the Corrupted would make use of it. Oh! And if you happen across any of their Mirespice Blend, bring back some as well. The food here gets a bit bland at times, and those spices are a nice treat.


I know this is a strange request, but just a drop of that Salamander Snail Essence makes a forge fire burn hotter, and longer, than normal. More heat means less impurities in the metal, and that lets me make much higher quality weapons, armor, and repairs.

The Mirespice Blend... well, that's a bit of a luxury for us. We've been eating the same food for months, and just having a different flavor available will really boost morale.


You've returned! Oh, there's smoke coming from your bag! Here, quickly, pass the Essence over here! Ah, that's perfect. I'm surprised they had this much left... this will last me a long, long time.

And it appears you found the spices, too! This day keeps getting better and better. Oh, those smell wonderful. You'd think that herbs grown from a swamp would smell bad, but not these! Spicy, sweet, dark... it's delicious and perfect, thank you!

I know we could've gotten by without either of these things, but your help has certainly made our lives easier up here. Please, take this. And thank you!