Undying Appetite

Undying Appetite is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Find answers for the Overseer and uncover the dark truth about the farms in Brightwood.

Quest Giver:

My name is Pennyfather, it's a pleasure to see you! Worry not, as an Overseer I monitor our stock. Our stores here are quite ample, and we always share our bounty with those in need.

However, to truly thrive here we must plan for the future! This area has a history of farms and villages, like the other territories. But, what sets Brightwood apart is that the soil here is uniquely rich and fertile.

Unfortunately, they are also plagued with shambling corpses. Another Brightwood specialty if you will. Adventurer, will you go investigate some of the nearby villages to learn how this land was once used?


What of the villages? Don't let the undead and their shambling fool you. They can be quite formidable.


This fertilizer does seem like it would be rich enough to support crops for a lifetime, but these bones you've found trouble me greatly. I've heard dark rumors of how the previous inhabitants kept such fertile lands, and I'm afraid they may prove true.

I feel I know where the next set of answers lie, but I'm not sure either of us are quite ready yet. Please steel yourself while I study these items. I have a very bad feeling about what we may find.