Under the Same Stars

Under the Same Stars is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Search chests for William Heron at Ancient Lookouts Hercules, Canis, and Ursa.

Quest Giver:

This will be a longer trek, but nothing ventured equals nothing gained in the research of such a powerful Ancient civilization. I simply must know why the stars were so important to the Ancients.

Search the Lookouts to the east, Hercules, Canis, and Ursa, for signs that the Ancients knew more about the heavens than perhaps we even did in the Old World.


I knew coming to this islands was the right choice. Even though we are plagued by death and undeath at every turn, the learning to be had here is immense! The Ancients and their Guardians have left so much for us to learn from, even if their eternal guards try and stop us from taking the knowledge for ourselves. Will you assist me and search the eastern Lookout towers?


My goodness! The detail, the artistry, the accuracy! These star charts relay to me that the Ancients were quite familiar with the mysteries of the cosmos. See here––these constellations, during certain seasons, line up perfectly with the lookout pillars. The Ancients were much more advanced than even I gave them credence for, it seems.

I must know more.