The Pirates of Spice

The Pirates of Spice is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Recover the Stolen Spices from the Keelsnap Pirates at Buccaneer Creek for Barkeep Cormack, and find any remaining spices in Buccaneer Falls

Quest Giver:

Those damned pirates!

A trader from Monarch's Bluffs had lucked into some spices that had survived the trip from the old world and was bringing them to me to restock my spice chest... and those Keelsnap scallywags charged out of the trees near Buccaneer Creek to capture his caravan! Luckily, he was able to escape to tell me. I'm glad he and his were able to get away safely, but... all those dried herbs and spices from the east, gone!

Please, if you're headed out that way, would you mind whipping some of those Keelsnap Pirate bullies and trying to take back what they've stolen? I don't know if those spices are still nearby, or if they've already moved some up toward Buccaneer Falls. Either way, I'll make it worth your while!


I can't fathom what those pirates would ever want with spices. They don't eat, and couldn't taste anything even if they could!

Must be some strange leftovers in their head from their lives on the ocean. Plunder and profit are strong enough to beat even death, I suppose.


Ha! You're back, and your pack seems heavier now. And I can smell... Yes, these are exactly what was taken! Take that, you rotten scoundrels!

Thanks to you, I'll be able to keep the food throughout the settlement from being bland and tasteless. The people here weren't sure about my cooking at first, but once I introduced them to some of those wonderful flavors, they couldn't get enough! Oh, that reminds me...

Here. I made this for you while you were out. Not quite as good as a sit-down meal, but with the traveling you're doing, I thought you'd need something to fill your belly.