The Illurmin Rift

The Illurmin Rift is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Explore the deadly Illurmin Rift and deliver your discoveries to Watcher Solarin

Quest Giver:

So you've bested some of those regular Corrupted, mayhap even one of those big and ugly bully boys? Good on you! Up here, we've even nastier things to worry about.

Right, if you're raring to help, I've just the job for you. Used to be, we had a safer path betwixt here and Mountainrise Outpost to the east, down through the Illurmin Rift. That came to a halt when those Corrupted came bubbling up from yon mountain. We've peered in to see what's what, but no one's been down to the bottom since.

It'll be a tough one, won't lie. But there's a reason for wanting to get back down there. See, we'd just found nodes of real Orichalcum at the bottom... and that ore would be a real boon. So here's what I'm needing from you. Start at this end of the Illurmin Rift, then make your way east, seeing what you see... and if some of those Corrupted get in your way, well... you'll be almost to Mountainrise by that time. Check in with Watcher Solarin, and show her what you've found.


Some unsightly things have come crawling up from that Rift... but for that Orichalcum, the risk is worth the effort. It'd be right useful for our weaponsmith here, and mayhap you'll spot a new route through to the east.

Crack on, there's plenty for you down in the Rift! And don't fret, you'll get more than fiddler's pay from me and mine for your help!


Hold there! Don't think we've met before. Hm... no, quite certain we haven't. Let me have a look at you... no red about the eyes, don't appear to be trying to attack. Odds are good you aren't Corrupted... but I'll still be watching you.

Now, I'm Watcher Solarin. What business do you have with me? Warden Yseult sent you? Unlikely, since the paths across are blockaded by the Corrupted. No, you didn't come through the Illurmin Rift. It is full of Corrupted. I'll ask you again, what b...

What are these things? Bits and pieces from the bowels of the beasts in the Rift, you say? Hm. And you're certain you came through there? Still not sure I believe you, but... Warden Yseult would know that I'd be interested in seeing these. Perhaps you do deserve the benefit of the doubt. I'll think on it.