Taken to Task

Taken to Task is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Cut down the Moonshadow Guardians in Amrine Temple, then eliminate Kisare the Impaler to acquire the Taskmaster's Heart

Quest Giver:

I am glad you have returned. Your ability to handle problems has made quite a difference in the lives of everyone in this settlement. Unfortunately, there is a possible threat to those lives, and I would ask for your assistance once again.

Travelers have reported that the Moonshadow Guardians of Amrine Temple to the north have become more and more agitated of late. There have even been sighting of what appears to be a leader in their ranks. If those Guardians become organized in some manner, and decide to target this settlement, we will be hard pressed to keep them out.

I'd ask you to reduce the number of the Moonshadow Guardians, then attempt to track down their leader. Find out what makes this particular Guardian so special, why the others seem to obey its orders.


Do hurry, please. If the Moonshadow Guardians do have some sort of organizing leader, the threat to our settlement may be imminent. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not do everything in my power to deal with this threat before it reaches our walls.

Amrine Temple is to the north, the large ruined Ancient complex. It is impossible to miss.


Welcome back, friend! Our scouts have reported that the Moonshadow Guardians have returned to milling about the temple mindlessly, which tells me that you were successful. You have my thanks, as well as those of every member of this settlement. Now, what did you discover about this leader?

Oh, this is quite interesting, and strange... it beats, and feels as though it is still alive. I wonder how many other Guardians throughout Aeternum have something similar... This land truly is full of terrifying wonders.