Snuffing the Candle

Snuffing the Candle is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Eliminate the Brightbeacon Taskmaster and Brightbeacon Regent at Elafry Pyrgo

Quest Giver:

You've really been making yourself useful around here, huh? That's really great! I knew you'd be a big help to us when we first met!

So I was talking with Artificer Kim, and he told me about some strange Brightbeacon Guardians that were seen inside the big Ancient lighthouse to the northwest, the Elafry Pyrgo. He didn't seem too bothered by them, but I saw the people who brought him the news, and they were certainly spooked. There was some talk that those strange Guardians seemed to be commanding the others, almost like they were giving them orders or something. That's crazy, right? Right?

I'm a bit worried about what organized Guardians could do to the settlement. Do you think... I mean, could you... look into it? Maybe do something about them, if it turns out to be true?


I wish they'd rename that place... Elafry Pyrgo. It's a mouthful! Just call it a lighthouse, or a light tower, or... huh. I wonder if that's what it means? I wonder what language that could be? I'll have to ask Artificer Kim about it, he's really smart!

Anyway! Did you get a look at them yet? Are they as strange and different as Artificer Kim said they were? Did you turn them back into piles of bones and dust?


You're back! What did you find at the lighthouse?

They really were giving orders to the others, huh? How is that even possible? They must have been pretty strong, if they were ordering around the other Guardians... but if you beat them, that means you were even stronger!

I'm still trying to figure out how they were giving orders, though... They don't talk, and they're all bones... I bet it's some kind of magic! Well, however they do it, you dealt with them... at least until they come back. Thanks! Maybe while they're gone, we can get some people together to look more closely at the ruins. I think Artificer Kim would like that.