Layers of Past and Present

Layers of Past and Present is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Eliminate Jasmin the Giver and recover Armor Scraps from the Rockrift Carvers in Spilaio Cavern

Quest Giver:

So you've worked with the Greyjacks up here and see how we've been keeping up the fight against the Corrupted... what you may not have noticed is how worn our armor is getting. With few supplies getting through, it's been hard to maintain our equipment.

But... I have an idea on how to fix that. In Spilaio Cavern, there are plenty of those Rockruins Carvers wandering around, and our scouts have said their armor is still in good shape. I figure, if it can last that long, it should be high enough quality for us to fix up our own armor, right? There's also a... don't really know what to call it. Some kind of glowing Guardian, we've been calling it "Jasmine". Every time I try to get in there, "she" is always there to meet me, and it is never pleasant. Makes it impossible to collect any of that armor by myself.

Could you gather up armor scraps from those Carvers, and take down Jasmine so we'll be able to get more pieces in the future? At least, until she comes back.


Maintaining our equipment was never much of a problem before all of this. We used to be able to freely distribute supplies and equipment between here and Mountainhome, but since the Corrupted have seized our forts and are gathering in the Rift, there's been little contact.

Having those armor scraps would be a big help to us... and I'd bet that the Rangers in Mountainhome are dealing with the same maintenance issues. If we can collect enough of the scraps, I'll try to find a way to send some to the west.


Success! Yes! These will be perfect. It will take some time to rework them and make them fit our armor, but this material really is in great shape. I'm still amazed at what those Ancients could do...

You found Jasmine, too? And you're the one walking back, so I can only guess that she's no longer standing. That's great to hear, she made going into the cavern a nightmare. For at least a while, we should be free to collect what we need. I think you just bought the Greyjacks a few more months up here, friend. Thank you.