Laid to Rest

Laid to Rest is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Retrieve the abandoned Heirlooms from Dayspring Mills for Barkeep Rost

Quest Giver:

... ... Hm? Ah, sorry. Let me guess... Another survivor washed ashore, eh? We've survivors aplenty here...

When those Harvestbane fiends marched into Dayspring Mills, we fought them off as best we could, but at a certain point, everyone just grabbed what they could and ran here. Of those that couldn't... some arrived at the settlement later, after the island worked its magic. But the rest... they became Harvestbane Withered themselves.

So many were lost... friends, family, loved ones. Many of them had heirlooms of one sort or another, ties to the old world. Do us a kindness and recover them, so we have something to bury and honor them with?


Most everyone here has lost someone, either on the voyage to the island or when we lost Dayspring Mills. Surviving each day came first, before mourning our losses... If you're to help us, it'll start at Dayspring Mills to the north.

The heirlooms... you'll know them when you see them.


Ah, another sur-... wait, it's you again. Was anything left? I haven't had the heart to even look at the place since we arrived.

Ah, bless you! It's been hard enough with the dead coming back to life, but for them to become some kind of mindless beasts... it's blasphemous, I tell you. But with these, some of our families can at least try to get a bit of closure, lay their loved ones to rest.

It may be just another day for you, but this is a fine deed you've done for us. Thank you.