Hunting Blind

Hunting Blind is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Talk to Survivalist Riches

  • Location: First Light
  • NPC: Artificer Kim
  • XP Reward: 800
  • Gold Reward: 1085
  • Item Reward:
  • Standing Reward: 100
  • Azoth Reward:

Quest Giver:

Now that you've finished creating this finely wrought blade, you should be in good shape to survive out in the wilds... Ah, that reminds me! Survivalist Riches requested that I direct you to him when your work here was complete. He has knowledge to pass along as well, and perhaps the opportunity to test your new creation in the field.

I shall remain here to continue my work, but you should make haste. Survivalist Riches is to the northwest, he maintains his workbench next to the ship above us.


Survivalist Riches should still be at his bench next to the ship. I don't believe I've ever seen him sleep during my time here, so you'll be able to find him there all hours of the day.


Welcome, newcomer! You've come at quite an opportune time, particularly with that new blade of yours. I'm Survivalist Riches, tasked with ensuring that all newcomers are able to handle themselves in the wilds of this land, and there is much to teach you about living in Aeternum.

Oh, and I have something for you as well. This plan should allow you to craft a small camp in the wilderness. There isn't much to it, but it does allow you a place to rest and recuperate in the wilds, rather than forcing you to return to a settlement when you'd like to take a rest.

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