Honoring Hazel

Honoring Hazel is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Gather chests for Incense in Aria Village for a ceremony to honor Hazel.

Quest Giver:

I have been thinking of a way to honor Hazel and all of the things she did for this Fen. I know that in Aria VIllage the people used to keep incense before they turned the way of the Undead, and gathering a few sticks of that would be enough to make a small shrine to Hazel in the settlement. It would do her honor to cull the Undead from this town as well.

She used to love visiting Aria Village when it was bustling. Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye...


Hazel was a valiant woman but more importantly she was a patient one. She knew that the key to surviving in the Fen was to listen to it, to take in its every bubbling pool and waving bullrush to heart. It spoke to her in a way I still struggle to speak to it today. I wonder if the Fen knows of its loss, and if it weeps with us.


This incense should do, and at last Aria Village might know peace alongside Hazel. I will conduct a hunt in her honor tonight as well, and share the meat with the rest of the settlement as she would have wanted. She was a kind, caring, giving woman, and she has inspired me to be the same.