Ghosts of Weaver's Past

Ghosts of Weaver's Past is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill Wraiths and Gather Chests for Music Compositions in Karburg for Overseer Kemal.

Quest Giver:

As a child in the Old World I used to have bad dreams about all sorts of things. Disease, war, evil sorcerors, and most of all ghosts. This island is my childhood nightmares come to life around me, and there is no escape for either of us. You, though, appear braver than I. There is an old town to the west called Karburg that fell to a pestilence that swept through the land years ago. I can hear the wails of the Wraiths from my home in the settlement at night, and they keep me from rest. Ironically enough Karburg used to be filled with singers and artists who composed lullabies I dearly miss.

Would you go forth and destroy these lingering specters and collect their last works? It would be a great service to both the settlement and myself.


Karburg used to be a bastion of culture here in the Fen, filled with artists of all mediums who used the swamp as the backdrop to their poetics and musings. All of that was before the blight came, a twisted disease of coughing and hives on the skin that burned like hellfire. The second the disease reared its ugly head I sought refuge in the settlement and never looked back


The world is quieter here already. Thank you, traveler, for fulfilling my request. I cannot bear to leave the settlement anymore, let alone venture to Karburg to cull the lost souls who wander it. These songs you have brought me will also bring peace to the living who hear it, ensuring the artistry of the misfortunate musicians of Karburg will live on in their music and not in their screeching specters. They would have wanted it this way.