A Sense of Community

A Sense of Community is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: You should meet the Overseer.

  • Location: Windsward
  • NPC: Trader Heyn
  • XP Reward: 600
  • Gold Reward: 979
  • Item Reward: Flint Mining Pick (T1)
  • Standing Reward: 100
  • Azoth Reward:

Quest Giver:

Now that you're familiar with how the economy of Aeternum works, we should show you how to really contribute around here... which means Overseer Dauti is the next person you should speak with. He's responsible for maintaining the settlement, handling many of the day to day responsibilities of the settlement's Governor.

You should be able to find him on the first floor of the Town Hall, just up the stairs to the north.


Have you spoken with Overseer Dauti yet? I'm certain he'll have some work for you to do, which will help with the local infrastructure... which will help with the economy! It's all interconnected.

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