A Rest Disturbed

A Rest Disturbed is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Go to Crone's Rest, collect stolen mementos from the Withered, and return to Adjudicator Owgan.

Quest Giver:

Do not fall for the empty promises of the others. Only we have been blessed with divine wisdom. Only we know how justice is best served. Only we have the strength of spirit to cleanse and transform Aeternum for the benefit of all.

Prove you bear the Light within. The nearby settlement of Crone's Rest was once held by humans, but waves of the withered forced the inhabitants to retreat here.

Go to Crone's Rest, bring back mementos that the Withered have plundered from the former inhabitants, and bring them back. Justice must be served.


This island is cold, harsh, and unrelenting. We, the Covenant, are the force that restores order, justice, and light. Without us, the island would crumble away into savagery. It is our divine right to oversee the island. If that spark of light exists within you as well, then the Covenant may very well be your path.