A Pox On Thee

A Pox On Thee is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Defeat Denman at the top of Nettlevex tower, and bring his remains to Ellwood.

Quest Giver:

Keeping a proper defense against the blight is key, and I am most interested in learning about it: know your enemy, I say. We must learn how it scars the earth, and how we can prevent it from spreading further.

A tower in the center of the Genesis of Malice named Nettlevex pierces the sky. It is a Dryad stronghold, but there are signs of blight on the tower as well. The commander of the tower is simply called "Denman."

Climb to the top, defeat Denman, and bring back some of the vines that compose his body. There must be a reason why he and his ilk have resisted the blight.


The tower is a rough gauntlet, the Dryads are formidable. Take care in your climb, the Denman will be the strongest of the lot.


Hm, the wood and earth that compose Denman's vines seems strong, and flows with a hint of azoth. The craters here in Edengrove is rumored to be one of the first concentrations of azoth in Aeternum ages ago. Perhaps the blight festers, taking advantage of a lack of azoth in the host?

This has given me much to ponder, could the blight be tied to the azoth of the earth? I shall prepare further investigations, but for now I shall think.