Siphoning Blow

Siphoning Blow is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: You gain 2.8% mana per hit. (cooldown 28.2 s). Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects. We have found 42 items with this perk in our database.

Siphoning Blow
You gain 2.8% mana per hit. (cooldown 28.2 s). Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Items with this perk

Total: 42
Title Description Tier
Vial Of Ectoplasm Crafting item with an attunement to the Siphoning perk.
Waterstone Earring An earring made of stones smoothed by rushing water. When held close, you can feel the ebb and flow of the tides. 4
Amber Teardrop Earring An earring made of polished amber. 4
Slimy Wooden Ring It's slimy. It's wood. It's gross. It's powerful. 4
Boots Of Channeled Energy "These boots seem to draw energy from the living things around you." 5
Elementalist's Robes "Empower yourself with the elements and let the world feel your wrath." 5
Chestguard Of The Seventh Hell "Cold...s. cold." 5
Stalagmite Staff "This weapon appears to be a rock ripped from a cavern and blessed with holy magic." 3
Frozen Mire "The grime of winter's end always leaves its mark." 3
Marshlight "Unlike the lights that dance over the marshes, this staff will never lead you astray." 3
Pillar of Brightwood "People often wonder what makes Brightwood bright. This is part of the answer." 3
Glacial Gaze "Her eyes were blue like the deepest frozen rivers." 4
Frostfall "Even more silent than snowfall, frostfall strikes without warning." 4
Bilelash "A never ending stream of poison oozes from the head of the hatchet." 4
Overgrowth "The wilds overran the village, forcing the people from their homes. Decades of history, uprooted in an instance." 4
Hand of Denier "Filled with a power from beyond the grave, seeking something to replace what was once lost." 4
Ursine Will "Blades honed from the hide of a terra bear are said to imbue the weilder with the spirit's power. " 3
Duplicitous Intent "My intentions surely are pure." 4
Thorny Blunderbuss "The wood used in the make of this rifle was never sanded down, leaving it rough around the edges." 4
Earth Rejuvenated "After the slumber of winter, the world awakes refreshed, as life springs forth anew." 4
Divine Devotion "I pray that my faith shall set me free." 5
Winterbite "Snow is soft. Ice is violent." 5
The Fragment @1hGauntletIce_TheFragmentT5_Description 5
Siren's Staccato "Like hail upon the deck of a ship, the Siren's Staccato sings out to its foes." 5
Rigor Mortis "As strong as a fist clenched forever in anger. As cold as a corpse, dead for twenty days." 5