Refreshing Toast

Refreshing Toast is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: Potions cooldown 28.2% faster. We have found 22 items with this perk in our database.

Refreshing Toast
Potions cooldown 28.2% faster.

Items with this perk

Total: 22
Title Description Tier
Thorn Of Contention "This earring has been stolens. many times, it gained the name Thorn of Contention since those who owned it knew they would not hold on to it long." 3
Corlew's Secret Spice "The backing on this earring conceals a secret compartment, where Corlew stored his house blend." 3
Moonlit Night "Depending on the angle, this earring appears to wax and wane in the light." 4
Undertow "Said to invoke a feeling of being deep in the briny sea, where the currents sweep all problems away." 3
Calm Seabed "Instilling a deep sense of calm when all the world is astorm." 4
Storm's Journey Token 4
Concealed Purpose "It is not known what reason this earring was first made, but it was decided that it was for nothing good." 4
The Bonedust Trinket 4
Ill-gotten Gain "This earring is always passed along by being taken from others, often when the original bearer dies." 4
Enchanted Earring This earring has a faint glow to it from some ages-old enchantment that has all but faded. 5
Doom's Chance Earring 5
Bloodline's Curse Earring 4
Evangeline Prophecy Hook 5
Felix Follow Token 5
The Edmund's Squire Token 5
Miner's Excavation Token 5
Earring Of The Hallowed Soul 5
The Beast In The Bulrush Trinket 5
Token Of The Marked Man 5
Coiled Sentinel Earring 5
Pedal "A petal from the flower of the sword tree" 5
Reflected Mayhem "Be the chaos you want to see in the world." 5