Refreshing Move

Refreshing Move is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: Light and Heavy attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by 2.8%. We have found 69 items with this perk in our database.

Refreshing Move
Light and Heavy attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by 2.8%.

Items with this perk

Total: 69
Title Description Tier
Starmetal Weaponsmith's Charm Crafting item with an attunement to the Refreshing Move perk.
Lifegiving Waters "Let the waters rush over you and calm your spirit." 2
Flame of the Wilds "Fires are a natural occurence. They uproot the old and bring in the new." 2
Vinewrapped Great Axe "Roots reach forth from the hilt to the head of the axe." 2
Moonlit Dance "The fireflies danced along the reflective surface, unaware of the carnage to come." 2
Frigid Grip "Use these to bend fate to your will." 3
Spear of Haunted Memories "Every time you die in this strange land a piece of you fades away. Die enough times... well, all that remains at that point is the memory of what you once were." 3
Shattered Perception "Things are not always as they seem." 3
Grim Harbinger "Brace yourself. The battle has only just begun." 3
Immoral Evermore "Volley after volley of arrows filled the sky, one for each sin committed." 2
Corrupted Life Staff "Corruption overpowers the holy magic of this staff." 3
Snaggletooth's Fang "A gnarled fang makes for a ruthless weapon." 3
Alchemical Safety Gloves "Wearing proper hand protection is key when performing transmutations." 3
Judgement of Ra "Ra looked down upon the world and found it needed to be cleansed to start anew." 3
Nature's Shield "To protect the sleeping land, steep mountains sprang forth, covered in thorny brambles, halting their path forward." 3
Last Gasp "The vines pulled him lower and lower into the earth. He shot a flaming arrow up at the tree, hoping for a final chance at life." 3
Musket of the Faithful Huntress "She is as true an ally as you'll ever need, always at your side." 3
Frozen Spate "The icy water stretched out endlessly in front of us, but we continued nonetheless." 4
The Surgeon's Scalpel "A fine instrument is necessary for the precision required to dismantle an enemy." 4
Light of Corruption "The red glow eminating from the staff is hauntingly beautiful. Gaze long enough and you know that power can be yours." 4
A Terrible Thought "I spoke my mind and they recoiled in horror. Then, one by one, they agreed." 4
Humming Hatchet "The corruption hums within the weapon, a low eerie vibration that never ceases to stop." 4
Dragonfang Recurve "This bow weighs more than others of its kind, perhaps because of the beings it was used to slay before your time." 4
Dryadic Greatcleaver "Few Dryads wield axes, but those that do wiield them with such ferocity and vigor that it takes ten men to bring them down." 4
Aphedia “Sound of mind. Resolute in purpose. Reborn of Azoth.” 4