Mortal Power

Mortal Power is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: When you kill something gain 15% Empowered for 5.0s. ( 5s cooldown.) We have found 37 items with this perk in our database.

Mortal Power
When you kill something gain 15% Empowered for 5.0s. ( 5s cooldown.)

Items with this perk

Total: 37
Title Description Tier
Bad Medicine "This is going to hurt, but I promise it will help." 2
Lie of Omission "I did not tell you I killed him because I felt it to be of no consequence." 3
Thundersnow "It's rare, but when it happens…it's breathtaking." 4
Deadsight "Look down the barrel and never miss a shot." 3
Tendril of the Breach "The spear still tinges with the touch of the void, maintaining some sort of connection to the other side of the corrupted breaches." 4
Decay "When I have siphoned the soul from your body you shall be a feast for the worms." 4
Untold Secrets "They told you what they wanted you to hear." 4
Dynasty's Demise "The vision of the Empress must be fulfilled, no matter the cost." 4
Luminous Longbow "The crystals adorning the limbs shine bright even on the darkest of nights." 4
Crack of Dawn "Many people feel like sunrise brings good tidings. Not here." 4
Gnarled Root Spear "The shaft of this spear is covered in gnarled roots, perfect for the harsh starmetal tip to embed itself in." 4
LaCuran's Final Piece "Willing to listen to all complaints, LaCuran rarely needed to use this musket except in extreme cases." 4
Admiral's Musket "A true weapon for an admiral, this musket was the envy of the fleet." 4
Subduer's Wrath "Let them escape. We can punish them more severely." 4
Infallible Pursuit “We never imagined being right would be our downfall." 4
Magma Core Staff "The molten fire drips from the staff leaving fire in its wake." 4
Weedkiller "Dryad's are like a weed upon the land. You must kill them while they're small or they'll spread and ruin it all." 5
Caudanthe, Fang of Serpens “The monster lashed out, striking its creators down with a single blow.” 5
Staff of Cavernous Horrors "Do not delve into the caverns for you do not know what horrors await you." 5
Frozen Spellstaff "The end of the staff appears as if it is magic manifested into a physical form that is frozen solid." 5
Siren's Legato "Smoothly it builds up in a blazing crescendo." 5
Pyromaniac "A fire here, a little more fire there. Fire everywhere!" 5
Enmity "We look upon each other as enemies, but it goes deeper than that. It is a deep, seething darkness that knows no measure." 5
The Quartermaster "Hungry sailors often try to sneak into the stores for an extra biscuit. But the risk of losing a hand was deterence enough for most." 5
Imbued Hatchet "Raw magical energy courses through the hatchet, empowering each and every swing." 5