Mortal Lifesteal

Mortal Lifesteal is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: When you kill something gain 4.8% health. ( 5s cooldown.) We have found 156 items with this perk in our database.

Mortal Lifesteal
When you kill something gain 4.8% health. ( 5s cooldown.)

Items with this perk

Total: 156
Title Description Tier
Chunk Of Crystalized Azoth Crafting item with an attunement to the Mortal Lifesteal perk.
Whaler's Harpoon "Blubber is thick, but my spear is sharp." 2
Wavesmasher "Do not let the waves break you." 2
Mariner's Flaming Greatstaff "Before crash landing on Aeternum most sailors thought that magic was just a myth. They never could have imagined they'd one day wield such a power." 2
Zephyr Strike "Flies true, even in the harshest winds." 2
Wavecrushing Waraxe "Stand strong against the tide." 2
Pure of Heart "Many a knight have crashed against their dragons. Many a knight have failed." 2
Pirate's Pretty Musket "So beautiful to look at and useful for plundering!" 2
Leafwrapped Spear "The cycle of life binds us all." 3
Grim Luck "Better luck next time." 3
Forest's Whispesr "Rangers traversed the forest keeping an ear to the ground, listening for who or what was nearby." 3
Pixie Pummeler "Nasty creatures, Pixies are. Winged nuisances that need a good hammer to the back to bring them down." 3
Corrupted Brute's Waraxe "The corruption infused this man with extraordinary strength, making him quite the foe. The power with which he swung his axe was unmatched." 3
Sign of Salvation "Do not fear. To meet my blade is to meet your true purpose." 3
Tropical Storm "Fire volley after volley until the whole lot of them lay dead." 2
Malikor's Last Grasp "As cold as the grave, his hands reach out to bring his enemies closer to their deaths." 3
Silent Great Axe "She swung her axe and I heard not a sound." 3
Crusher's Craze "Like a toddler with a new toy, the man teetered on the brink of insanity, smashing all he could find with his hammer." 3
Flutter “Light was her step and quick was her blade. Like bird on the wind her opponent dismayed.” 3
Earthspike "Coated in a fine poison. Pain is all your enemies shall know." 4
Wingslicer "Remove a butterflies wings and it cannot fly." 4
Manskewer “Strick them with the pointy end.” 4
Lieutenant General's Blade “My legions are vast. This continent is ours to conquer." 4
Cutwater Rapier "The chosen weapon of the Cutwater pirates." 4
Nature's Wrath "The wilds have a way of defending themselves when danger is present." 4