Mortal Energy

Mortal Energy is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: When you kill something gain 14.1 Stamina. ( 5s cooldown.) We have found 86 items with this perk in our database.

Mortal Energy
When you kill something gain 14.1 Stamina. ( 5s cooldown.)

Items with this perk

Total: 86
Title Description Tier
Jagged Horn Crafting item with an attunement to the Mortal Energy perk.
Men Of Arms Mascot 4
Warden's Chain 4
Hematite Mortality Chain 4
Baal Crystal 4
Appointed Negotiator "Karl never gave orders without having his Appointed Negotiator around. It never failed to stop arguments before they started." 2
Fragile Protection "My blessing will protect you. For now." 3
Staff of the Fiery Sacrifice "Burn the lamb and receive my blessing." 3
Ashen Victory "When the pillaging was over, the bandit's axe was covered in ash and blood." 3
Fragile Death "Life is fleeting. Let loose one arrow and a light goes out in this cruel world." 3
Adventurer's Bane "Particularly good at piercing knee armor." 3
Obsidian Slasher "Though many think obsidian to be brittle, a skilled smith can create the deadliest of weapons with it." 3
Growing Season "There is a season for everything. A seasons for growing crops. And one for growing vendettas." 3
Dead Silence "Sometimes the best shield is to not say anything at all." 3
Misher's Last Word "Unable to get the last words by talking, Misher resorted to other means." 3
Captain's Command "With a single stroke of the sword, Captain Hamidou laid rest to all arguments against their command." 3
Ritualist's Lancet "Apostate Luca created this spear to lance all impurities out of the world." 3
The First of Many "This is your blade. Cherish it. If you are lucky, it will not last long." 3
Frozen Embrace "Some people tell tales of a woman in the snow, a Yuki-onna. If you see her, stay away." 4
Bloodletter "One swing from this and your humours will settle." 4
Obsidian Edged Musket "The dark black rock makes this a beautiful rifle." 3
Arctic Depths "Feel the steady strength of this gauntlet, as stable as the deep arctic currents which find their way across the sea." 4
Scurvyclonk "Scurvyhook was not known for being subtle with weapon names. When asked, they said this was the sound it made when hitting their foes." 4
Abyssal Strike "A weapon of justice and holy intent turned into a weapon of malice." 4
Soulseeker "Press your ear to the blade. Can you hear the wailing souls?" 4