Lost Bane

Lost Bane is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: +14.1% Damage to Lost. We have found 154 items with this perk in our database.

Lost Bane
+14.1% Damage to Lost.

Items with this perk

Total: 154
Title Description Tier
Riveted Orichalcum Mail Crafting item with an attunement to the Lost Bane perk.
Captain's Call "All hands on deck!" 2
Forgotten Competition Rapier "Dueling is a remarkably popular past time in Aeternum. One duelist was defeateds. badly he left his settlement, leaving this rapier behind." 2
Ghastly Gavel "Guilty." 2
Dying Light “The light went out in his eyes as I tried to bring him back.” 2
Gravekeeper's Torch "Keep watch over the dead, for they are restless and dangerous." 2
Kent's Grave Trowel "Technically the bodies don't decompose, but the Azoth residue is quite healthy for the gravebloom." 2
True Sight "Close your eyes and let loose your arrow." 2
Long Lost Musket "I knew I had left you somewhere!" 2
Overweight Great Axe "Not particularly well balanced and a bit unwieldy, but it'll get the job done." 2
The Deckhand "Gets the job done, but could probably use a good wash." 2
Chilling Reception "Greetings from the world of souls, you're quite welcome to stay. Leaving, on the other hand..." 2
Fork Lightning "Lightning cracks from the spear as it is thrown, jutting out in every direction." 3
Blade of the Lost Duelist "In life he was bold and few could challenge him. He carries this same hubris in undeath." 3
Gale Force "A strong wind seems to knock your enemy down before the hammer even makes contact." 3
Storm Smite "You dare insult me? You shall feel the power of the storm." 3
Fragment of Light "Even the smallest candle melts away darkness." 3
Explosive Fire Staff "The perfect weapon for giving yourself an explosive edge in battle." 3
Ancient Tactics "Slashing at a hamstring is far more effective than slashing at an arm. If your enemy cannot move, they cannot fight." 3
Corrupted Sight "It slowly wound the cloth around its face until it could not see. Still, it knew I was there." 3
Vile Plumage "From across the battlefield the puffs of smoke look like feathers floating through the sky." 3
Those Who Remain "As life slips through our fingers, we find ourselves longing ever more for those we love." 3
Jenning's Fury "Nothin' makes me feel more alive than personally holdin' open Death's door for you to step through." 3
First Mate's Blade "I found her, long though lost to the sea. There she was in the sand, not a spec of rust on her." 3
Buccaneer's Life Staff of the Sage "Many a sailor has found their end at my hand." 3