Keenly Fortified

Keenly Fortified is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: On Critical: gain 3.0% Fortify for 3.0s. (Cooldown 10.0 s.) We have found 41 items with this perk in our database.

Keenly Fortified
On Critical: gain 3.0% Fortify for 3.0s. (Cooldown 10.0 s.)

Items with this perk

Total: 41
Title Description Tier
Callus Mangy Hide Crafting item with an attunement to the Kneely Fortified perk.
G.R.E.G "When Geraldine Rebekah Elizabeth Gulliver carved her initials into the handle of this sword, it occurred to her that, should someone find it, they might think it was wielded by a man. She chuckled at the thought." 3
Purest Intentions "Step forward and take up the staff. Your will is its power. Your desires will manifest in the purest flame." 3
Frozen Mire "The grime of winter's end always leaves its mark." 3
Invader's Will "I shall ascend the ramparts or I shall perish. There is no other choice." 4
Tormented Soul "Look deep inside yourself and find the darkest place. There you will also find an inextinguishable flame." 4
Dunweald "There are many places that remain sacred to the Dryads. Defending these holy sites is of the utmost importance to them." 4
Sundershot "Tear open the seams of reality." 4
Scurvyclonk "Scurvyhook was not known for being subtle with weapon names. When asked, they said this was the sound it made when hitting their foes." 4
Taste of Grief "Each arrow causes as sharp a pain as an empty stomach, and the weakness that comes from too little food." 4
Tundra Warden's Rifle "Strange beasts lurk on the fringes of the tundra. You never know what you'll run into." 4
Legatus General's Buckler "This buckler has been through hell and back, surviving the worst of what was up against thrown at the Legatus General." 4
Aegis Vitrioulsor "It is said it took three months, and the destruction of four forges, to create this shield." 4
Falmea’s Wrath "The raging light before the darkness" 4
Bloodright "I never wanted this, and yet I was born to rule. So rule I shall." 4
Curiosity, Greed "Even in times of wealth, we vie for more. Behind each door is a chance at even greater power." 5
Woodswarden "Let this hammer be your charge. Guard these woods and remove any would be intruders." 5
Higher Purpose "You do all that you must in service of the great one." 5
The Fragment @1hGauntletIce_TheFragmentT5_Description 5
Unjust Executer "What are you being executed for? Nothing more than my pleasure." 5
Humming Crystal Javelin "The spearhead vibrates as you move the spear from side to side." 5
Brittle Longspear "It seems as if it will break the second you strike something with it." 5
Violent Dissent "I will show you the error of your ways." 4
Motherwell Wisher's Wand "It brings long life to the bearer, and short life to their enemies." 5
Judgement of Malevolence "Those judged were found lacking. Ands. were given what they lacked, often to great excess." 5