Freedom is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: Slow, Stun, and Silence expires 4.8% faster. We have found 44 items with this perk in our database.

Slow, Stun, and Silence expires 4.8% faster.

Items with this perk

Total: 44
Title Description Tier
Shard Of Consecrated Iron Crafting item with an attunement to the Freedom perk.
Philosopher's Charm 2
Leatherbound Thinking Cap "What to do, what to do..." 2
Witchdoctor's Robes "A bit of voodoo here, some elk blood there... We'll make a fine potion." 3
Zion's Prayer Ring 3
Fortuna Crystal Signet 3
Mida's Finger Crystal 4
Lead Lined Linen Pants "Perfect for protecting you from all sorts of nasty spells." 4
Helm Of A Thousand Whispers "Do you hear the voices too?" 4
Karl's Dancing Shoes "When the Overseer wasn't maintaining order on his farm, he spent his evenings pursuing his one true passion: Dancing the night away." 4
Guard Of Creation A reward from Magistrate Allen for collecting Teceros's Spores. 4
Sabaton Of Corrupted Rage “An ancient evil walks among us” 5
Protector's Vindication Of The Soldier "Eventually they would be the one that is saved. Unfortunately, that would come long past their time." 5
Scapeway Guardian Plates "Victory is achieved through harmony." 5
Gold Embroidered Boots "The edges of these boots are lined with flakes of gold." 5
Prophetic Gloves "What will the future bring?" 5
Heretic's Robes "Listen to me! Listen to me! She is here!" 5
Elementalist's Robes "Empower yourself with the elements and let the world feel your wrath." 5
Bewitched Tunic "Sometimes while wearing this tunic you feel as if your actions are not your own." 5
Sorcerer's Silk Tunic "If you're going to cast spells, you may as well look fashionable while doing it." 5
Doomspeaker's Helm "The end is nigh, repent or be doomed!" 5
Archmage's Cap "You have completed every trial we have put you through. This cap signifies your status as an Archmage." 5
Well Worn Traveler's Boots "You've walked the entirety of the world. Perhaps it is time to rest?" 5
Dungeoneer's Leggings "Oh the treasures you find when you go hunting for them." 5
Champion's Reinforced Gloves "Go forth and bring glory to my name." 5