Enchanted is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: Light and Heavy attacks deal 9.5% more damage. We have found 358 items with this perk in our database.

Light and Heavy attacks deal 9.5% more damage.

Items with this perk

Total: 358
Title Description Tier
Worn Whetstone Crafting item with an attunement to the Enchanted perk.
Jagged Edged Javelin "Hooks adorn the edge of the spear's head, allowing it to remain stuck inside any victim." 2
Bloodied Crusher "The heat of battle is a grim place. Sometimes it's difficult to separate friend from foe." 2
Mended Wounds "You are whole again." 2
Unbridled Fury "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy." 2
Berserker's Bane "For all his ferocity, it was his own axe that doomed him." 2
Needle Threader "Firing an arrow is like threading a needle through a fine linen. You must be perfect lest you ruin the whole tapestry." 2
Furious Repeater "This rifle fires off shots faster than you can reload them." 2
Hulking Great Axe "Why would anyone need an axe this large." 2
Effervescence "Take a deep breath. Find the darkness within yourself, and let a boiling rage fill your heart." 2
Leafwrapped Spear "The cycle of life binds us all." 3
Gem Encrusted Pike "This pike seems more focused on appearing beautiful than it does being an effective weapon." 3
Trusted Sideblade "Never leave home without your rapier." 3
Crystalsticker "Poke." 3
Blade of the Lost Duelist "In life he was bold and few could challenge him. He carries this same hubris in undeath." 3
Pixie Pummeler "Nasty creatures, Pixies are. Winged nuisances that need a good hammer to the back to bring them down." 3
Defeated Hope "A hope's last gasp is the loudest silence you will ever experience." 3
Stalagmite Staff "This weapon appears to be a rock ripped from a cavern and blessed with holy magic." 3
Fragment of Light "Even the smallest candle melts away darkness." 3
Gravdigger's Torch "Light the dark as you bury your friends." 3
Flamewhisper "The subtlest spark can grow into the most powerful fire." 3
Soulwalker's Limbcarver "You suddenly have one less question about all those Withered walking around with only one arm." 3
Restless Sanctity "We think we can speak of sacred things as though they are not, and we will pay dearly for it." 3
Driftwood Recurve "The pirates shaped the bow out of wood they found at sea. How lucky for them that they would come across imbued wyrdwood near the shores of Aeternum." 3
Corrupted Sight "It slowly wound the cloth around its face until it could not see. Still, it knew I was there." 3