Corrupted Bane

Corrupted Bane is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: +18.6% Damage to Corrupted. We have found 183 items with this perk in our database.

Corrupted Bane
+18.6% Damage to Corrupted.

Items with this perk

Total: 183
Title Description Tier
Shard Of Baetylus Crafting item with an attunement to the Corrupted Bane perk.
Corrupted Skewer "The corrupted do not treat us as humans. They see us only as pigs to be slaughtered." 2
False Hope "Even in the darkest deception, lies some small truth." 2
Glowing Life Staff "The staff glows when nearby corruption." 2
Burning Voidtendril "The void burns all that it touches as it corrupts the weak of heart." 2
Desecrated Logger "Honest work won't save you from the darkest calling." 2
Fallen Comrade "You may have his face, but you are not my brother." 2
Farmer Bob's Corrupted Shooter "Shoot 'em dead!" 2
Voidridden Great Axe "Touched by the void." 2
Void Herald "Pure darkness radiates from the spear, a sort of hunger that thirsts for conquest." 3
Breachforged Spear "This spear was crafted by dark engineers on the other side of the veil." 3
Grim Luck "Better luck next time." 3
Breachguard's Bane "Defend this monument to corruption at your own risk." 3
Corrupted Resistance “Walk swiftly and carry a big hammer.” 3
Unholy Life "Twisted magic raised you into undeath. Perhaps I can cleanse you?" 3
Dark Angel "The fallen angel was cast out of the heavens and twisted into a servant of corruption." 3
Dark Light "A peculiar staff that seems to emit darkness rather than light." 3
Horrific Beauty “For all of the evil wrought upon the world by the Corrupted, there's a certain beauty in the chaos.” 3
Forgotten Song "The ghouls and gheists may have sang in life, but the only song they know now is their groans of agony." 3
Cursed Longbow of the First Legion "This weapon has wrought death and destruction upon hundreds of civilizations. No good can come from wielding it." 3
Musket of the Corrupted Marksman "Before she was turned she was the finest shot in our settlement. Now she's the finest shot attacking our settlement." 3
Breachrunner's Musket "It's much easier to take down a breach from far away." 3
Corrupted Brute's Waraxe "The corruption infused this man with extraordinary strength, making him quite the foe. The power with which he swung his axe was unmatched." 3
Breacher's Battleaxe "Whatever comes out of that portal needs to die." 3
Sign of Salvation "Do not fear. To meet my blade is to meet your true purpose." 3