Accuracy is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: You have +93.2% more accuracy. We have found 12 items with this perk in our database.

You have +93.2% more accuracy.

Items with this perk

Total: 12
Title Description Tier
Vinewarped Longbow "Vines have grown around the limbs of the bow as it lay unused for decades." 2
Inquisitor's Mark "Arrows fired from this bow brand their targets with a mark a trained Inquisitor can easily follow." 3
Brigand's Musty Musket "This musket clearly spent too much time stowed away on the ship, but it still fires all the same." 3
Before We Break "One more shot can turn the tide." 4
Ancient Intentions "They sought to create and learn, but they found themselves rife with conflict." 5
Warforged Compact Battlebow "Well crafted, lightweight, and easy to grip. This bow is perfect for the chaos that descends upon a battlefield." 5
Stormcursed Bow "Struck by lightning while being creating this bow, the original owner was shocked as he fell into the ocean, falling to the depths of the sea." 5
Heartseeker "Lead the wind and watch as it carries your arrow to its mark." 5
Zeus's Lightningshot "You incur the wrath of the gods." 5
Rifle of the Corrupted Abomination "It took all of my might to bring down the abomination and rip the weapon from its cold dead hands." 5
Cryptic Message "Many people think a message that is to the point cannot be confused. Many people are wrong." 5
Longsight "They say she has the eyes of a sylph, but I think she's just lucky." 5