Abyssal II

Abyssal II is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: 30% of damage is converted to Void. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher. We have found 32 items with this perk in our database.

Abyssal II
30% of damage is converted to Void. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.

Items with this perk

Total: 32
Title Description Tier
Cut Amethyst A gem with an attunement to the Abyssal II weapon trait and Abyssal Ward II armor trait. Can also be used in Jewelcrafting. 3
Javelin of the Corrupted Vanguard "The vanguard of the corrupted forces are a fearsome lot. When they descend upon an army, none are left alive." 3
Blackened Blade "A solid black blade fit for an outlaw." 3
Abyssal Conqueror “The fringes of the void are ever expanding. Without brave adventurers to fight back, this world would be lost." 3
Harbinger of Dusk "Dusk comes and with it, a great evil." 3
Gravdigger's Torch "Light the dark as you bury your friends." 3
Soulwalker's Limbcarver "You suddenly have one less question about all those Withered walking around with only one arm." 3
Restless Sanctity "We think we can speak of sacred things as though they are not, and we will pay dearly for it." 3
Axe of the Elder Gods "The first humans thought the Ancients to be gods. They forged weapons and armor in the name of their new deities." 3
Ebon Rain "The black arrows of the Corrupted armies are a warning of the bloodshed that is to come." 3
Cursed Longbow of the First Legion "This weapon has wrought death and destruction upon hundreds of civilizations. No good can come from wielding it." 3
Voidforged Repeater "Forged in the depths of Myrkgaard, this standard issue Corrupted musket has slain countless souls." 3
Brigand's Musty Musket "This musket clearly spent too much time stowed away on the ship, but it still fires all the same." 3
Breachrunner's Musket "It's much easier to take down a breach from far away." 3
Breacher's Battleaxe "Whatever comes out of that portal needs to die." 3
Battleaxe of the Forgotten One "She was left to guard the sanctum while her fellow soldiers went scavenging. They never returned, and she still stands there guarding it to this day." 3
Decrepit "Eventually, everything withers into nothing." 3
Chained Darkness "Keep the darkness at bay." 3
Spread of Malice "Darkness spreads across the land slowly but steadily, corrupting whatever may be in its path." 3
Deceit of the Defiler "She double crossed us and burned our ships, a deception we never saw coming." 3
Defender of Darkness "Battling the demons that lept forth from the portal, the warrior swung her hammer as mightily as she could. And yet for every demon she killed, three more came forth." 3
Cryptbreaker "With this in hammer, there was no crypt that could keep Goura locked inside." 3
Corrupted Life Staff "Corruption overpowers the holy magic of this staff." 3
Bow of the Dark Ranger "They saw only a hooded figure with glowing red eyes. The very next moment they found an arrow lodged in their heart." 3
Musket of the Corrupted Guardian "He fell to the darkness, and no one was left to watch his charge." 3