Waterlogged Commander's Breastplate

Waterlogged Commander's Breastplate is a Tier 2 Uncommon rarity chest in New World MMORPG. It has 295 Gear Score. Gives bonus attributes on equip: 11.275 Constitution. It will occupy 9.5 kg of capacity in your inventory.

The item has 1 useful perk: Refreshing.

Pay attention: the item becomes personal when you receive it. So you can't sell it or give it to another player.

Waterlogged Commander's Breastplate
Gear Score
Refreshing: Reduces max cooldowns by 1.7%.
"Traveling to Aeternum is risky business. Many perish en route, but their armor and weapons remain behind."
Binds On Pickup
Named Item
Tier: 2
9.5 Weight