Token Of The Marked Man

Token Of The Marked Man is a Tier 5 Epic rarity earring in New World MMORPG. It has 500 - 600 Gear Score. Gives bonus attributes on equip: 10 Constitution, 15 Focus. It will occupy 0.1 kg of capacity in your inventory.

The item has 3 useful perks: Physical Ward IV, Regenerating, Refreshing Toast.

Pay attention: the item becomes personal when you receive it. So you can't sell it or give it to another player.

Token Of The Marked Man
Gear Score
Physical Ward IV: 2.5% Physical Damage Absorption.
Regenerating: You gain NaN% health every second.
Refreshing Toast: Potions cooldown NaN% faster.
Binds On Pickup
Named Item
Tier: 5
0.1 Weight