Gems in New World

Gems are special items in New World MMORPG that boost one or more attributes of your character. There are many of them in the game and all of them have different traits. For example, Pristine Jasper Gem gives you +3 extra Strength and +2 Constitution. As you see in this example you receive a bonus to your basic stats and the bonus is really huge.

But having this item in your inventory isn’t enough for receiving the boost. You need to place a gemstone in a special Gem Socket on an item in order to benefit from the bonus. Otherwise, it will not work.

Not all the items in the New World have such sockets. Some items may have it while others may not. If you are a crafter, you may create an item with a socket if you are lucky enough.

List of Gemstones

Here is a list of the gemstones you may find in New World during your adventures:

Name Bonus
Flawed Aquamarine + 2 Dexterity
Pristine Jasper +3 Strength, + 2 Constitution

The list above is not complete. We will update it when more information about the game is available.

Where to get?

There are several different ways to get a gemstone: you can loot it from an enemy after you kill him, find in a supply crate, purchase from another player or craft.

As you see the first two methods are absolutely random. You have no control over the item you receive. If you are looking for a specific gemstone we recommend asking a fellow Jewel Crafter for help. Jewel Crafters can produce different gems and you can buy the stone you are looking for.

How to socket?

After you receive the desired gemstone you need to place it into your item’s Gem Socket in order to benefit from a bonus it provides. You can do it yourself without asking crafter for assistance.

Pay attention: you can’t remove a gemstone after you have placed it in a socket! But in most cases, you can replace it with another one to get a different bonus.

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